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My Approach: A Unique & Holistic Approach to Well-Being


  • Person-centred Therapy

Person-centred Therapy provides a unique and holistic approach to well-being. It is based on the belief that all individuals possess the inherent capacity for growth, development, and self-healing. The process of therapy helps clients gain insight into their thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and motivations; to explore how these aspects of themselves interact with each other; and to identify patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may be holding them back. This insight can help clients make informed decisions about how to move forward in life, with a greater sense of self-acceptance and personal autonomy.

 - A Co-Creative Process

Person-centred therapy is an interactive process between the client and therapist which emphasizes collaboration and co-creation. This type of therapy is based on the belief that clients have an inner motivation and capacity for growth, and that if given the correct support and guidance, they can unlock their transformative potential. The therapist acts as a supportive guide in this process, providing empathy, understanding and validation as well as insight and guidance to help clients move forward. 

  • Existential Outlook

My client-centred psychotherapy is integrated with an existential outlook to help clients find purpose and meaning in their life. By exploring the client's inner thoughts and experiences, I aim to create an environment of self-exploration and personal growth, so that clients can better understand their behaviour, and make informed decisions that will lead to a better life.

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