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Obsessive Sexual Behaviour

Sexual addiction, clinically defined as a pathological relationship with a mood-altering experience, is a condition that persists despite negative repercussions. It can take numerous forms and its prevalence is often exacerbated by the ubiquity of Internet pornography in today's digital era. This disorder affects individuals across all demographics, including men, women, and adolescents. Regrettably, children are frequently exposed to highly inappropriate material, potentially leading to compulsive behaviors if not addressed promptly. The inherent shame associated with this addiction often cultivates an environment of secrecy.

As a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) accredited by the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals, I bring specialized skills and experience to address the unique treatment needs of the individual, partner, and couple affected by this addiction. My methodology comprises a discreet, comprehensive assessment, followed by the formulation of a treatment plan tailored to the severity of the situation each person is confronting.

The treatment is task-oriented, incorporating support and strategies for initial recovery from the addiction. It further facilitates understanding of the addiction's genesis, paving the way for long-term stability, recovery, and enhancement of interpersonal relationships.

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